Piano Sarocha Akaros, who was crowned Miss Trans Global on November 4th, 2023, is not your average pageant queen. Her life story is intricately woven with threads of determination, activism, and unwavering zeal to effectuate change within the LGBTIQ community in Thailand. She stands as a paragon of the indomitable human spirit’s in the face of adversity.

Born in the impoverished Hat Yai slums, Piano faced challenges from the start. Her estranged Thai boxer father disapproved of her transgender identity and envisioned a different path where she followed in his footsteps, creating a rift that fuelled her determination to carve her own path.

Losing a close friend was her turning point

Her turning point began in Surat Thani, where she honed her childhood skills in Thai boxing and Manohra folktale dancing. These talents, along with her childhood Thai boxing training, became the tools that funded her education at Walailak University which was inspired by close friend’s battle with and eventual succumbing to HIV/AIDS. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology, in honour of her late friend, she  pledged to use her training to save lives.

Piano’s activism extends far beyond her medical expertise. Crowned Miss LGBT Thailand in 2020, Piano didn’t shy away from the spotlight. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, she bravely volunteered on the frontlines, traveling across Thailand to administer free tests and process results in homeless communities, putting her own safety at risk to serve others.

Sexual health advocate

Today, as the Head of Medical Laboratory at the SISTERS Foundation Transgender Community Center, Piano’s dedication to her community is unwavering. Raising awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention remains her greatest crusade. She tirelessly educates people, particularly in marginalised communities, about sexual health. Her activism transcends borders, taking her to different corners of Thailand and beyond to raise awareness and advocate for healthy life choices.

As a healthcare worker who specialises in sexual transmitted diseases, I want to use skills and expertise to provide the correct information for my trans my sisters in Thailand. Which will help them have safe sexual health and life.

Piano Sarocha Akaros

Beyond her activism, she embraces life with gusto. From dancing and reading to participating in peaceful human rights demonstrations, her spirit remains vibrant.

Piano Sarocha Akaros is more than a pageant queen; she is a living testament to others, that the human spirit’s ability to overcome adversity and make a difference knows no bounds. Her story serves as reminder to everyone that the pursuit of justice, equality, self-care and a healthier world starts with individual action and unwavering courage.

Queen Piano Sarocha Akaros of Thailand

Queen Piano Sarocha Akaros of Thailand

Piano Sarocha Akaros, who was crowned Miss Trans Global on November 4th, 2023, is not your average pageant queen. Her
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