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Founded by Black and Brown British trailblazers, Miss Trans Global uses pageantry as a springboard to champion future trans leaders in the fight for transgender equality.

Miss Trans Global is a visionary Organisation dedicated to uplifting and celebrating the diverse spectrum of transgender women and non-binary people. Through our annual events, we provide a transformative platform for self-care, leadership development, and community development. The organisation goes beyond traditional pageantry, by embracing creativity, advocacy, individuality and the amplification of unheard voices of marginalised LGBTIQ+ communities.


In 2007,  Miss saHHara, a renowned transgender activist and pageant queen, established the Queen of Nations pageant in the UK. A physical event, which celebrated diverse community of transgender women. However, as the 10th anniversary approached in 2017, the team explored the possibility of hosting a digital edition. After extensive consultations with past winners, participants, stakeholders, and fans, they recognised a desire to break new ground rather than simply replicating the past in a digital format.

Inspired by these discussions, the team decided to launch a brand new pageant instead. Recognising that "Queen of Nations" was designed as a physical event, they saw an opportunity to create something fresh and innovative for the ever-evolving online landscape.

Miss Trans Global as a new venture, captured the spirit of its predecessor while forging its own unique identity in the digital realm, which later became a physical event in 2023.

From whispers of the past to a vibrant reality, Miss Trans Global bloomed in the solitude of 2020.


Crowned with purpose, Miss Trans Global winners transcend mere titles, they don’t just take home a crown; they take on a mission.

As agents of change, they partner with grassroots organisations to advocate for policies that uplift transgender communities. 
From London streets to global platforms, they collaborate with groups and organisation like CliniQ, TransValid, and TransBeauty Magazine, to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, share knowledge, and ignite hope for a more inclusive future.
They are remarkable women leaving a lasting impact on the transgender community, both at home and abroad.

Queen Mela Franco Habijan from the Philippines is the first ever winner of Miss Trans Global which took place in London on the 12th of September 2020.

Born from a vision to empower transgender women worldwide, Miss Trans Global created a stage for them to showcase their talents, creativity, and advocacy.

Beyond the dazzling spotlight, the organisation has made a tangible impact, raising awareness about the critical challenges faced by transgender women who grapple with family rejection, homelessness, limited job opportunities, healthcare disparities, and the shadow of HIV/AIDS.

Miss Trans Global amplifies their stories whilst advocating for a world where all transgender women can live a life full of possibilities.


The Gold Empowered Queen Crown

The evolution of the Empowered Queen Crowns. The second edition was designed by Ricardo Patraca, and the most recent edition was designed by Ruiseco Creations.

The crown features 2 grown adult Phoenixes holding the QUEEN LOTUS FLOWER which signifies rebirth and reborn.
A symbol of strength , activism, and an empowered woman leading the global trans community through advocacy.

Like the phoenix
She rose from the ashes
Creating her herstory
Breaking the glass ceilings of patriarchy
Like the Lotus flower,
Her beautiful character blossoms
Even in the dirtiest of waters
She is pink, blue and white
A woman of strength and substance
A courageous warrior
A symbol of new beginnings and rebirth
She is the Empowered Queen Crown
For Trans Royalties empowering trans people globally.

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