Miss Trans Global™ is the largest  international advocacy pageant for transgender women from all backgrounds who are fighting for inclusion. It was created by black and brown British transgender activist queens who are passionate about training future trans female leaders.

In 2017, we wanted to organise Queen Of Nations as a digital pageant on its 10th anniversary. But we decided not to go digital, after consultation with former contestants, winners and fans.We were advised to start a new pageant, because Queen Of Nations was a staged physical event in London, United Kingdom.

Miss Trans Global was conceived from past ideas and realised during the painful life in isolation, 2020.

We decided to create this pageant to give transgender women from all around the world a platform to showcase their abundant talent, creativity and wits.
We hope to use this opportunity to raise awareness about transgender women suffering worldwide who are struggling to survive due to family rejections, homelessness, lack of jobs and earning opportunities.

The pageant is the biggest advocacy driven event which strongly supports areas in which transgender women needs help the most, such as inclusion of transgender sex workers, trans women of colour, and  activist warrior queens in countries where it is illegal to be a member of the LGBTIQ community.

The winners of Miss Trans Global will be our spokespeople who work with grassroots organisations to influence positive changes in our community globally. They will work closely with activist organisations such as TransValid, TransBeauty Magazine and many more to raise awareness, educate, and inspire transgender people globally.

Miss Mela Franco Habijan from the Philippines is the first winner of Miss Trans Global which took place in London on the 12th of September 2020.


The Miss Trans Global official crown designed by Ricardo Patraca, called the 'Empowered Queen Crown'.
Queen of Nations 2008, Queen Sophia Logan
Miss Trans Global 2020, Queen Mela Habijan, wearing the Empowered Queen Crown
Miss Trans Global 2021, Queen Sruthy Sithara of India, receiving an awards for her incredible achievements.
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