On November 30th, 2022, Natasha Cardoso etched her name in history as the first Latin American transgender woman to clinch the coveted Miss Trans Global title, marking a momentous milestone in the global LGBTQ+ community in Brazil. The digital spectacle, broadcasted from the vibrant cityscape of London, United Kingdom, served as a global stage for her awe-inspiring victory, marking a watershed moment in the ongoing narrative of transgender representation and empowerment.

Humble beginning

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the pageantry realm, Natasha’s journey has been one defined by fortitude, and an unyielding commitment to service. Hailing from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, she confronted the harsh reality of societal discrimination and violence against transgender people. Fuelled by a desire for authenticity and freedom, Natasha embarked on a path of self-discovery, leaving home at the age of 17 to navigate life’s challenges independently.

Despite facing immense obstacles, Natasha’s unwavering resolve propelled her forward. Working tirelessly on the fringes of society for 10 years while she pursued her passion for nursing, eventually specialising in family health and emergency care. Her commitment to serving her community led her to a dual role as an LGBT health coordinator and nurse for the Rio Grande Municipal Council, where she continues to advocate for marginalised voices.

In a poignant testament to her mentorship prowess and unwavering dedication, Natasha played an instrumental role in shaping the pageant trajectory of Maria Brechane, the winner of Miss Universe Brazil 2023, who is from her homeland of Rio Grande do Sul.

Political election win

January 2024 marked another milestone in Natasha’s journey as she assumed the role of Guardianship Counsellor in Rio Grande, Rio Grande do Sul. This prestigious election underscores her dedication to safeguarding the rights of children and adolescents in Brazilian municipalities. In a country that holds the world’s yearly highest record, and transgender representation in public office remains scarce, Natasha’s election win symbolises progress towards inclusivity and equality.

The inauguration of the GUARDIAN COUNSELLOR, the day to complete a very important stage for this new journey in my life 🙏🏼❤️. The essence of Human Rights is the guarantee of having your rights guaranteed🙏🏼 All people are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and must act towards each other in a spirit of fraternity. GRATITUDE

Formatura do curso de CONSELHEIRA TUTELAR, dia de concluir uma etapa muito importante para essa nova jornada da minha vida 🙏🏼❤️.A essência dos Direitos Humanos é a garantia de ter seus direitos assegurados🙏🏼
Todas as pessoas nascem livres e iguais em dignidade e direitos. São dotadas de razão e consciência e devem agir em relação umas às outras com espírito de fraternidade.

Queen Natasha Cardoso

She is one of only four transgender women elected to this position across Brazil, Natasha’s ascendancy signifies a paradigm shift in societal attitudes towards gender diversity.

Her story serves as a testament to the power of courage, and advocacy in overcoming adversity and paving the way for a more inclusive future.

Natasha Cardoso stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring generations to come with her unwavering commitment to authenticity and public service.

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