2020 Edition
Miss Trans Global 2020 Finalists
The inaugural event

LONDON, UK — Miss Trans Global 2020 was an inaugural event providing a platform for a diverse heritage of transgender women from all works of life. The pageant’s key goal was to raise awareness for vulnerable transgender women. This edition's main focus was on trans women suffering in isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The contestants were set creative challenges every week in a bid to showcase their advocacy, charisma, and talent. Queen Mela Habijan of he Philippines won the first edition of the pageant.

Miss Trans Global 2020
The judges


The inaugural judges includes pioneer activists, a healthcare professional, and pageant queens from different continents of the world.

Monica Roberts

Freelance writer and Founding Editor of the TransGriot blog

Monica Roberts

United States

Award winning Trans and trailblazing human rights advocate since 1998. Five time nominee and 2018 winner of the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Blog Some of the awards I have received are Honored with the 2015 Virginia Prince Transgender Pioneer Award, the 2016 Robert Coles Call of Service Award, the 2019 Barbara Jordan Breaking Barriers Awards and the 2020 Susan J Hyde Award for Longevity in the Movement.

Advice to contestants:

‘Show me that you can be that confident, intelligent and beautiful on the inside and outside international spokesperson for our trans community.’

International Flight Attendant/ Board member of 2 LGBTIQ Organizations

Candi Stratton


30+ years International Cher impersonator and transgender rights advocate.

She transitioned at 26 and became a Flight Attendant with American Airlines, she was a judge for Miss International Queen 2005, went on to Win Miss Gay Universe representing the USA in Sydney Australia 2006, Won All American Goddess 2009 and completed her pageant titles winning Miss Trans USA 2019, after winning, American Airlines asked her to come speak on their company website during Pride month, coming out to over 130,000 employees worldwide, it was a very welcoming reception!

Advice to contestants:

‘I am looking for the contestant who is genuine, and passionate about being an advocate for the Trans community!’

Founder & Director of CliniQ Counselling & Wellbeing

Michelle Ross

United Kingdom

Founded CliniQ 2012 first Trans Wellbeing & Sexual Health Service in Uk By trans people for trans people.

Convenor TransHealth Matters series of 6 international Conferences. Director at IRGT a global network of trans women focus on HIV and trans people.

Advice to contestants:

‘Looking for people being their self, letting their beauty of who they are shine through.’

Fashion Designer at KatalunaKouture, an advocate for mental health and transgender youth

Kataluna Enriquez

United States/Philippines

A trans supermodel, mental health advocate and a beauty queen who’s titles includes Queen California and Queen USA.

She has competed in some of the worlds biggest Trans pageants and is now competing in the Miss Universe Organization with hopes to make history as the first trans woman in Miss USA. She also owns her own Fashion and Costumes design company called KatalunaKouture.

Advice to contestants:

‘I am expecting authenticity, individuality, intelligence and depth of character.’

Executive Director of Miss Trans Star International

Victoria Maxima Caram

The Netherlands/ Argentina

A multilingual, who is originally from Argentina, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a BA in International Relations.
She was one of first trans women who spoke in the Senate of her country in support of the most comprehensive gender identity inclusion law in the world, which was passed in 2012.
In 2016, she won Miss Trans Argentina International, and competed in Miss Trans Star International, where she won Miss Congeniality.
The year after, she was hired by the pageant as a legal advisor, then subsequently, promoted as an Executive Director.

Advice to contestants:

‘I want to see the innocence of the little girl they were before they started their transition.’

Founder of Friends In Diaspora For Friends in Africa

Amanda Uzoma McQueens

Canada/ Nigeria

She is the founder of Friends In Diaspora for Friends in Africa, which is a sponsorship software based program for LGBTQ folks in Africa by LGBTQ Africans in the diaspora and the former winner of Queen of All Nations.
A Canadian transgender woman of Brazilian and Nigerian heritage, who is a mental health and addiction counsellor.
Before moving to Canada she organised the first pride event in Nigeria.
In Canada, she became a graduate of Nursing and Social Work Programs.
She is also the owner of Goddesscious, a fashion platform for trans and cisgender women.
She volunteers her time working on a personal outreach programs for trans sex workers called Trans Household in Toronto.

Advice to contestants:

‘I expect the contestants to be fun, beautiful, outstanding, unique, noble, and tenacious.’

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