Miss Rebeckah Loveday

Title won:

  • Duchess Global, Miss Trans Global 2020

Duchess Global, Miss Rebeckah Loveday is an Australian Transgender Advocate and Community Service Worker.

Rebeckah is currently employed at Sacred Heart Mission, supporting people experiencing homelessness in a rapid housing program. The program is designed to provide holistic, long term support to assist vulnerable people experiencing homelessness to regain their independence and reconnect to the community.

Rebeckah has been involved in advocating for the transgender community for the past 5 years. Rebeckah is the Co-founder of Trans Sisters United, a Melbourne based community group that creates projects that benefit the transgender community through advocacy, awareness and community collaboration.

Trans Sisters United has worked closely with the Sistergirls of the Tiwi Islands, a community of First Nations people of diverse gender and sexualities within Australia. Through this project, Rebeckah and fellow Co-founder Sasja Sydek raised money independently to create a weekend long project for the Sistergirls, enabling them to share their experiences and provide support to an isolated group of First Nation Australians. 

Trans Sisters United have also worked alongside Melbourne based transgender activist Miss Katalyna, Founder of Trans Pride March Melbourne, to hold the first ever Trans Pride March in Melbourne in 2021, one of the first ever trans pride marches within Australia.

Rebeckah is also the host of The Gender Agenda on Joy 94.9, Australia’s only LGBTIQA+ radio station. The Gender Agenda is a radio program by trans people for trans people. Hosts Rebeckah and Rowan interview transgender people from all around the world which have included Mila Jam, Katherine Wolfgramme and Mary Haddock-Staniland. The Gender Agenda also highlights important and relevant global news on the transgender community, as well as having a featured transgender musical artist each week.

Rebeckah is also a passionate actor and model and has featured on the Netflix series Deadly Women, has played the lead in several short films including Love Is Not In The Glass (Director – Dave Krunal) and is a model for Everyday Lingerie Co (Founder – Danielle Sady), a body positive underwear company.

Most recently, Rebeckah spoke publicly about her experience as a survivor of intimate partner violence at an Empowering Leading Women (Founder – Caroline Mc Guinness) event and spoke about the lack of awareness and support transgender women face through domestic violence. Rebeckah will continue to use her platform to shine a light on this very important topic and hopes that other transgender people can find the strength to leave toxic relationships and feel empowered to grow, find self-love and know their worth.

Throughout the next 12 months working with Miss Trans Global, Rebeckah aspires to continue to raise awareness against the plight towards transgender women. Rebeckah aims to achieve this by working closing with the team at Miss Trans Global and her fellow sisters and Royal Court (Winners of Miss Trans Global 2020) by raising awareness, promoting educational spaces and humanising the transgender experience.

Rebeckah will continue to use her voice and social media presence to highlight the key issues faced by transgender people, as well as celebrate our achievements and annual events. Importantly, Rebeckah wants to use her platform and privilege to elevate the voices of trans folks and provide safe spaces for marginalised and intersectional communities.

“With great power, comes great responsibility and I want to ensure that I use my privilege and position as Duchess Global to provide safe spaces for vulnerable and marginalised  transgender community members, ensuring their voices are not only heard but amplified”

Rebeckah, Duchess Global 2020.