A franchise subscription bidding fee starting from $350 and above will commence when more than one potential national director applies for the privilege of hosting their national Miss Trans Global Pageant in their various countries. If there is no other challenger to your application, you will automatically become a franchise holder or a national director after your fee is accepted. You will be issued with a franchise holder/ national director certificate for 1 year.

Once the franchise is won by a national director. MTG Organisation will NOT charge national directors to host their own national competition. The country franchise holder will benefit from their national pageant with the winners advancing to the global competition, by doing so, will be offering the local audience a fun and exciting experience by earning the chance to compete at the the international grand finals with the chance of winning one of our 5 coveted titles and prizes.


  • National directors must conduct unbiased national pageants in their various countries.
  • National directors must act in a professional manner when dealing with the public and the contestants.
  • National Directors will be representing the Miss Trans Global Organisation in their local countries, so politeness and courtesy is mandatory.
  • You will be serving as an independent producer of your local event.
  • ONLY the winner of the local pageant will be allowed to advance to the international pageant finals.
  • Directors must hold local pageant from the ages of 18 years and above, no maximum age limit.
  • You must not put restriction on skin colour, ethnicity, or body size.
  • Help your winner to bring her best performance on international stage, such as costumes, good camera, lighting and production.
  • Your national competition can be held as a digital pageant or a physical staged pageant.
  • When you win the bidding, you are required to pay the Franchise subscription fee immediately.



  • The representatives must be intelligent, eloquent and creative in her production.
  • Your winner must identify as a nonbinary or a transgender female.
  • Your winner must have access to translators through the international competition if they are not fluent in English language.
  • Your winner must be ready to advocate for transgender rights and equality
  • She must be ready to inspire and empower transgender people
  • She must be of sound mind for the challenges
  • She must have an English language translator for all her video and sound production if she is not fluent in English language
  • She must be the citizen of the country she is representing
  • She must be dedicated to the 2 months period of the international competition


Miss Trans Global Organisation holds the absolute right to revoke franchise rights if the national director or the organising company or teams do not follow our requirements written above.
Franchise fee would not be refunded and future opportunities could be stripped.

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