Miss Danielly Drugge

Titles won:

  • Baroness Global,  Miss Trans Global 2020
  • Queen of Hearts 2020

Danielly Drugge was born in Sapiranga, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

When she was a child, she was bullied in school and in her life, because she was a feminine kid who loved to play with dolls and with the other girls. They used derogatory Portuguese terminology to described her loosely translated as “Princess” to humiliate her identity, but Danielly reclaimed the title which shaped her future into the glamorous princess she is today.

Her dreams in school was to work in beauty or fashion industry, so she studied fashion & design. Her qualification propelled her into becoming a hairdresser/make-up artist.

As a transgender woman in Brazil, she always felt worried for her safety and felt that she could not live the life she dreamt of, so she started to see what she could do to take control of her own destiny and since it is not easy to find jobs as a transgender in Brazil, she decided that her way to be successful in life would be to start her beauty channel on YouTube in March 2017, which is now a successful channel with 10,000 subscribers and 663,682 Video Views and counting.

Danielly have always had the dream of becoming a beauty queen but her low self-esteem have always held her back, until her husband, Robert, pushed her to take part. So she participated in Miss Trans Star International 2019. She had so much fun and made friends from all over the world at the pageant. Her journey into pageantry began so she can show the beauty of trans women and the respect that they all deserve.

In 2019, she moved permanently to Sweden after dating her partner for 3 years. It was a big culture shock at first, but she is now very well adjusted and happily settled down with her 4 step children and her husband Robert Drugge.

Danielly´s plans and wishes for the future are to continue working to help the LGBTQ community to get more respect and recognition from the rest of of society and increase visibility through her various social media pages. She specifically want to help young transgender kids who have just started their transition, to show them that a simple girl with low self-esteem from a small town in Brazil can become a business woman, a beauty queen, married with four children, travel the world, and in firm control of her own future.